Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Ka'ena Sea Salt

North Shore, HI
Ka'ena sea salt is quite possibly the best tasting in the world. Completely unrefined, the natural minerals add unique flavors that make this sea salt unlike any other. Ka'ena sea salt  is solar evaporated ocean water with no additives of any kind. Hawai'i's pure ocean waters, warm sun, and soft tradewinds produce this premium salt. Unique to the islands and one of a kind. The deep ocean water is consistent in quality because it has been isolated from exchanges with the atmosphere and heavy human contact for more than a thousand years.

The sea salt is perfect for baking, cooking, and seasoning your favorite foods. The sea salt undergoes a pure natural chemical free process allowing you to consume with peace of mind.

The salt is such a great product to market. It's all natural and sells itself. Once people try the unique taste  they will never want to go back to regular table salt. This is great for loyalty marketing because it is such a great product that keeps customers coming back. And this loyalty rewards consumers with a consistent all natural taste that rivals all other brands.

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